Ric Connors

I can't explain why I paint the way I do. All I know is that painting helped me to discover who I really was.

 When I was young I enjoyed artistic things which is probably due in some measure to being around my german grandmother who was a wonderful still life artist, but then that all changed in an instant. You see, when I was eighteen years old I was badly concussed whilst playing a game of rugby union This resulted in me being in a coma for ten days. It was so serious that they called the priest! Luckily I awoke and went on with my life. I had changed though. I suffered severe brain bruising which affected me in different ways. My sporting interest was modified, I had to leave my university studies and got involved in more practical pursuits. It was like the creative side of my brain went to sleep and the analytical dominated. I eventually immersed myself in the world of finance for the next forty odd years although I never felt I belonged.

About five years ago I was strangely drawn to join a local art group. I attended every week for a whole year and at the end of each session I wrote down all that I had learnt but more importantly all that I felt. The words that I wrote deeply embedded my every thought. My naive works of art slowly developed over the next couple of years until I discovered artists such as Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock and was blown away by their expressive style. At that point I stopped producing contrived pieces and let my heart rule my hand. During this period I had always thought that I had found art, but in reality art found me. I believe that some healing process has taken place in my brain and the broken things have reconnected. I am now 72 years of age but have never felt more alive than when I stand before a blank canvas. I paint most days, working at developing my technique and appreciation of how to breathe life into a tube of paint. I experiment with different shaped palettes and levels and what I can achieve by applying different degrees of pressure, and quantities of paint. The current methods that I am using allows the paint to mix on the canvas depending on the drying times of each application. I believe that my methodology is quite unique but I can also see that it is evolving the more that I paint. I might well be among the world's oldest emerging artists but it proves to me  that art is ageless.

Ric with painting_edited.jpg